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2020 is a Census year! The U.S. Constitution mandates that EVERY person living in the U.S. on April 1 be counted in the Census. That means every person, regardless of age, race, English language ability, citizenship status, or any other factor be counted.

The U.S. Census happens only once every 10 years, yet that data is used to determine the distribution of about $1.5 Trillion in federal funding each year.

For every person NOT counted, the Siouxland community loses about $4,500 per year for ten years ($45,000). That means if we miss just 1,000 of our residents, $45 million of the tax dollars we all pay in are not returned to our community to support our schools, road repairs, emergency services, healthcare, and other essential services…those dollars will go to other states and communities.

This is the first time the Census can be completed online. Most households will receive an ‘invitation’ to go online to complete the Census in mid-March. The online portal is safe, as is completing the Census. Data is only used in the aggregate and cannot be accessed by other branches of the government or other organizations for any purpose.

A list of Census Resources has been made available for you to download to help Siouxland have a complete count in 2020.


Flyers to share and post:

Census Flyers 5.2020

Census Flyers – Spanish 5.2020

Census Flyers – Somali 5.2020

Information about the Census and how to make an impact:

Community Toolkit